Raidy 3D Printing Trophy Competition

For the occasion of the Beirut Design Week 2016 Sustainability Awards and in collaboration with Raidy 3D Printing, the MENA Design Research Center is launching a 3D printing trophy competition. The winning trophy design will be produced and handed to the winners of the Sustainability Awards.

This competition is open to all designers, architects and enthusiasts of 3D printing. The theme of the trophy must illustrate the concept of design for sustainability.

Technical Specifications:

Files must be presented in .STL or .OBJ format.

Size limitation of 3d printed object: 20cm (height) x 10cm (width) x 10cm (length)

The object will be mounted on a similar sized pedestal to form the entire trophy.

All angles in the 3D design must be within 45 degrees angle from the trophy.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for file submission is May 9th, 2016.

All submissions and inquiries must be sent to:

Prizes & Announcements

The winner will be announced at the launching of Beirut Design Week on May 20th at 6pm in KED, the new central location for BDW. The trophy will start being printed live on Raidy 3D Printing machines after the announcement and remain in the space until the Sustainability Awards ceremony on the 29th of May. Along with social media and press privileges, the winner will receive $1000 in cash and a special 30% discount on any 3D printer purchased from Raidy 3D Printing.

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