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security printing
security printing

"Committed to providing our clients with the latest secured technologies"


SECURaidy is a market leading & internationally operating company in the field of security printing and identification solutions.


Being part of Raidy Group, founded in 1972, SECURaidy designs, prints, and personalize security documents in a complete range, from payment forms and cheques to identification documents and stamps to name a few.

  • Vision: SECURaidy is thoroughly committed to provide our clients with the latest security features related to ID cards, passports, cheques, security documents, loyalty cards, stamps, lottery and others.

  • Core Competences:

    • Client Orientation: SECURaidy have chosen market leaders in the world of security to put its list of suppliers together. This ensures SECURaidy’s full commitment of R&D engineers to rely on absolute value, technology, and performance.

    • Integrity: Acting ethically at all levels of the organization to submit the utmost success to our valued customers.

    • Quality: Striving individually and collectively in each department for continuous quality improvement and enhancement. Raidy Group is ISO certified since 2004, beside FSC™ and PEFC™ certifications.

    • Value: Each solution is specifically chosen for a certain project and is customized to customer’s needs in order to supply the right product at the best price to performance ratio.


  • Security Printing : Postage Stamps, Cheque Books, Lottery, Forms, Certificates & Licenses, Official Documents

  • Security Documents: ID1, ID3 formats, ID2, (between ID1 & ID3) & all other related docs

  • Identification Solutions: Enrollment solutions, Data Management, Issuance, Verification, Border Crossing Solutions


Security Printing: 

SECURaidy specialized in the production of valuable documents that are provided with utmost security. Postage Stamps, Cheque Books, Lottery papers, Forms, Cetificates & Licenses, and Official documents are in-house products that are independently produced in our premises in Beirut Lebanon.

Our one-stop-shop offers all major pre-press, production, and post-press technologies and steps needed to produce very high secured forms starting from design, passing through printing, punching, sewing, gluing, perforating, embossing, holograming, to reach the quality control check point before boarding to secured delivery.


Security Documents:

differentiating between a normal ID document and a secured one exceed the visual part. The so-called ID1 (credit card sized identification documents like ID card, Driving license, Vehicle Registration, Health Card, etc.) and ID3 (Passport & ePassport booklets) format documents are the ones used to prove a person’s identity.


We provide our customers with a complete range of solutions starting from data entry, data management, production and personalization management, document life cycle, personalization machines, and highly secured documents.

  • Travel Documents / Passport: SECURaidy vastly invested in its R&D department to be a main supplier of secured travel documents and ePassport booklets compliant to ICAO standards and its security features from different levels. To maintain high security on the passport holder’s page, we provide and integrate security features during the design phase, production, as well as the personalization phase of the passport.

  • Health Cards: A new innovative health card is a main focus of our R&D team. The electronic health card helps to improve medical treatment with its modern and systemized infrastructure. The access of data on medical history information flow between patients, doctors, and insurance companies points out an easier way to follow a treatment with a better quality.

  • Driving License: Another trusted form of Identity is the Driving License that is in some countries used as an ID Card. Smart card based DLs allows quicker access to holder’s information at traffic or police checks from one side, and due to the kind of data saved or visualized on the card, DL falls into the same category of an ID card.

  • ID Card: One’s identity card is a trusted document that controls and verifies the document’s holder to officials at different check points while identification phase is done. Advanced technology and secured solutions are used at SECURaidy to ensure high secured documents that make it harder on forgery. Major security features like OVI, Micro Text, Guilloche, UV and other features are integrated. Security features are classified into three levels, those that can be seen with the human eye, others that require certain tools and equipments like magnifier to be detected, and the ones that can be seen and detected only with the help of special laboratories.

Identification Solutions: 

Identity starts by generating something unique for every individual or citizen in order to avoid any duplicate in personal data and to assure a secured issuance environment for every Identification document. Our competences circulate this issue from the very first step of Data Enrollment, Managing the captured data, Production and issuance phase, passing though the Verification process, and reaching the Border Crossing and Control of data.


  • Data Enrollment: SECURaidy’s smart solution complies with different infrastructures and fits in various production as well as issuance environment, whether in Asia, Africa, and Europe of elsewhere. Centralized and live enrollment station is our first option including electronic data form or scanned application form to collect demographic and biometry data.

  • Data Management: a unique ID number serves as the person’s own identification and could contain all kinds of data and issued documents. This software solution manages the history and lifecycle of every document.

  • Issuance and verification: SECURaidy offers the Government a turnkey solution to facilitate the issuance of high end secured documents. It recognizes, verifies and approves the given data complying it with ICAO standards to allow the issuance step whether in a centralized, semi-centralized, or decentralized infrastructure.  

  • Issuance Solution: SECURaidy’s software are designed in a customized solutions to organize the complete production area starting from the raw material at the warehouse, over the complete actions in producing and personalizing highly secured documents.

  • Border crossing solution: it’s more than integrating a chip or document reader into an iron frame. SECURaidy’s gate control system is one of the mostly advanced solutions offered in the universal market. It offers a completely customized solution in different languages that totally fits its installation environment. Special lists like terrorist lists, watch or black list can be integrated into the system for higher security. The software can read several kinds of documents and verify its holder using any additional biometrics reader such as, retina, Iris scan, fingerprint reader and so on.