At Raidy Printing Group, impossible is not an option. We print everything on paper with grades ranging from 35 GSM to 400 GSM. 


RAIDY Printing Group is a leading printing press in the Offset Printing Industry. Since it is continuously working on introducing new technologies, RAIDY  is now the exclusive local and regional distributor for Ultimaker and WASP 3D printers. RAIDY’s target is to integrate the 3D printing technology in industries such as Engineering, Design, Education and Architecture. A big advertising campaign was initially launched for the product through social media, billboards and magazine articles. Now, we are expanding to create a market for this product and also becoming the leaders in the 3D industry.


Our products include:


Magazines / Art Books / Catalogues / Publications / Annual Reports / Brochures / Packaging / Promotions / Ads / Posters / Flyers / Fanzines / Novels / Flip Books / Stationary / Calendars / Postcards / Corporate Identity / Stickers / Invitations / Labels / Letterheads / Envelopes / Coasters / Wedding Cards / Business Cards / Passports / Cheques / ID Cards /  Gift Cards / Driving Licenses / Security Printing Documents / 3D Printers / 3D Printed Objects / 3Doodlers / 3D Scanners.



The company’s continuous focus on R&D has always ensured the embracing of new technologies and the practical application of the “best technology available” to the needs of the market.


Perfection is our Motto 


We believe that Impossible is not an Option

We provide Competence, Professionalism, Performance, and Dedication

We show Reliability and Consistency


[Customer Service]

The key to the company’s success is its people. Raidy’s customer-focused sales representatives have extensive knowledge of their market place. The team adopts a “can do” philosophy in coordinating the production process from conception to completion. 


[Strength through Diversity]

One of the key factors that has driven Raidy Printing Group to become the market leader is the creativity and diversity of its staff. The company’s workforce comes from various professional backgrounds, where it is this collaboration and diversity in skill set that has prodded the originality and quality of the final product. The collaboration between young and emerging talent, bolstered by the expertise of the company’s pioneers, has indeed proven to deliver innovative and fruitful results. 


[Community Involvement]

Raidy is community-conscious, and maintains its continuous support to the society we live in. 


We sponsor several major social events including

Artistic Events, Cultural Events, Sports Events, Child and Health Care. 


[Environmental Awareness]

The environment has always been Raidy’s foremost concern in implementing its work. The company spares no effort to protect the environment, by reprocessing all waste into recycled material.